look good, feel good, do good

I couldn't find a swimsuit that made me look good, feel good, and "did" good

Growing up on the West Coast, KK spent endless hours playing on the California beaches. As she swam, played volleyball, and tanned, she found that her swimwear couldn’t keep up with her. The fabric would fade from sun and saltwater exposure, pill from sand and towel resistance, and change color from sunscreen and perspiration. Additionally, her bikinis would only last one season, which created so much waste and made KK mad. She knew there had to be a better way to make swimsuits -- ones that would allow her to go from swimming to volleyball to suntanning without suffering the wear down that comes from activities and sun lotions. So she set out to find the answer.

KK leaned on her knowledge of and obsession with fabric and fibers to explore the idea of using Nylon REPREVE®, a sustainable fiber with benefits such as supreme comfort, feel, durability, and colorfastness. Her interest in the quality of swimwear materials and the way fibers function within a garment made her wonder why such an incredible, sustainable resource such as Nylon REPREVE® had never been used in swimwear before. So she created it.

This captivation kicked off an incredible 6-month journey -- a journey of researching, testing, and constructing an entirely new category of swimwear made with repurposed materials.

KK partnered with a synergetic textile mill in Los Angeles to create a revolutionary textile, an innovative and sustainable nylon fabric made specifically for swimwear -- one that not only surpasses all expectations for swimwear, but is made with repurposed materials.


Nylon REPREVE® is a superfine matte jersey with a nearly weightless, silken texture that minimizes problem areas (muffin top anyone?) and fits like a second skin. Nylon REPREVE® is NOT made from recycled plastic bottles (that would be polyester); rather, it's made from reclaimed nylon fiber waste. So instead of sending nylon to the landfill, REPREVE® helps d|F turn the fibers into something beautiful. REPREVE® recycled nylon fiber is blended with Xtra Life Lycra® for a gorgeous, long-lasting fit. Combining sustainable ingredients with cutting-edge technology results in a modern fabric with superior stretch and resilience against chlorine and oxidation. d|F crafts its styles to last, and we do it ethically in California, where we live, work, and swim.

The swimwear industry often overlooks premium, innovative materials in favor of cheaper, synthetic alternatives. d|F changed that. Our swimsuits are sustainably made with 83% post-manufacture nylon fibers. d|F trims, fabric, and packaging are 100% made in the USA.

At the same time d|F fabric was in production, KK interviewed five cut & sew vendors. She ultimately chose to work with Nelly & Raquel, a Los Angeles based, mother-daughter owned powerhouse, whose work ethic, ambition, and creativity aligned well with KK's long-term vision for d|F. Their machines were sewing aspirational swimwear brands, yet the duo didn’t hesitate to take on an emerging and disruptive designer. Together, with Nelly’s 40+ years of swimwear factory experience and KK’s attention to detail and ability to source sustainable goods, they’re able to deliver the most comfortable, high-quality, affordable bikinis on the market today.


We think less is more, which is why we don’t include unnecessary logos or excess trims. Instead, we designed the simplest, most comfortable swimsuit we could, using premium materials, but without the premium price. 

All d|F bikinis are named after KK's best friends. Each friend has her own characteristics, which come out in the suits designs.


Slipping on a d|F bikini is a treat. Try our swimsuit for 30 days, and if you aren’t completely over the moon about it, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.


Prior to founding d|F, KK earned a Professional Designation in Fabric Science and spent 10 years working in Supply Chain Management for numerous fashion brands. Now she's ready and more ambitious than ever to take on the $20 billion swimwear industry. KK has always been driven by a dedication to asking “why” and "how" and “what if.” She's joined forces with an army of incredible partners, brand ambassadors, and influencers to build a brand and business that makes better bikinis in a better way. 

Working directly with women-owned businesses has been KK's highlight. KK has led multiple trips to Los Angeles to meet face-to-face with her vendors. She understands the importance quality checks during the production process. By visiting the factory over a dozen times in the last few months KK was able to make adjustments during the process to ensure the highest of standards


d|F excited to see our bikinis travel the world; don't forget to share your experience with us @dawneflorine