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4X Masks (Donations)


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Thank you! With your help we have donated over 500 masks to people in need. If you know any essential workers who need masks, please reach out, we would love to help.
  • April: 34 masks donated to CPMC anesthesiologist doctors
  • April: 44 masks donated to Marin Pregnancy Clinic nurses
  • April: 10 masks donated to children in need
  • April: 20 masks donated to seniors
  • April: 15 masks donated to front line workers
  • May: 20 masks donated to OB unit in South Carolina
  • May: 23 masks donated to locals in need
  • May: 20 masks donated to Homeless Prenatal Program
  • May: 16 masks donated to pregnant women
  • May: 10 masks donated to locals in need
  • May: 65 masks donated to lower income communities
  • May: 25 masks donated to delivery service workers
  • May: 10 masks donated to restaurant workers
  • May: 10 masks donated to construction workers
  • May: 20 masks donated to Navajo Nation children
  • May: 48 masks donated to Navajo Nation adults
  • May: 5 masks donated to UCSF children's hospital
  • May: 35 masks donated to UCSF nurses
  • June: let us know if you know someone in need